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Make sure your slides are scanned properly. We have the highest quality digital slide scanning in Australia.

A lot of new slide scanning companies have sprung up recently. Competition is usually a good thing, but there are some cowboys out there, so if you are thinking of going elsewhere; make sure that you understand the difference.

We've been scanning slide transparencies since 2000 - we've got pretty good at it.

Send us your Slides and we will ...
     • Scan them into digital format.
     • Restore faded colours.
     • Remove most dust and scratch marks.
     • Examine each image and improve when necessary/possible.

We'll send you a disk that you can ...
     • Play in your DVD player to watch a slideshow on your TV.
     • Place in a computer's CD drive to view or print the images.
     • Take to any digital photo lab to print your favourite pics.

What's involved?   ◊  Order Form

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1. My pictures are very precious, is it safe to post them?
To date we have not had a problem with Australia Post losing or damaging items. We always send by registered post and suggest that you do the same.

2. My slides are old and faded. Are they worth scanning?
Absolutely. Our professional scanners together with our skilled technicians do an amazing job of restoring colour and removing dust and scratch marks.

You can find the answers to other frequently asked questions on our FAQ page.

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The simple steps to your slides on DVD

  1. Select the image you'd like in your slide show.
  2. Print out the order form and include it with your slides.
  3. Send your slides to us by registered post.
  4. We'll scan your slides and create your Slide Show.
  5. Once payment has been made, we will send your completed slide order back by registered post.

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digitizing slides Basically our services include anything to do with scanning slides, negatives or even photographs. Now we can also transfer moving images and old audio as well. Here are some things we can do:
  • Put your slideshow on Blu-ray, DVD, CD or VHS tape.
  • Create a SlideShow with music.
  • Create a SlideShow from your Wedding negatives.
  • Scan your images at high resolution for poster-size prints.
  • Split your slides into multiple slideshows on the one disk.
  • Give your images the VIP treatment, by improving the crop, adjusting the contrast or zooming in on the main subject.

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Simply the BEST of everything!

We use the BEST slide scanning equipment.

We use the best professional slide scanning equipment that money can buy. It is designed specifically (and only) for scanning 35mm slides and negatives. It is a costly piece of machinery but it does a fabulous job.

We use the BEST materials!

Our disks are archival quality disks and the only ones guaranteed to last for 100 years or more. Why trust your images to anything less?

We have the BEST slide scanning staff!

Modesty prevents us from saying too much more, but let's just say we do a damn good job - and if you don't think so - we want to hear about it.